When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Historically, Amazon Prime Day has always been held in July, with last year’s event taking place from the 15th to the 16th of the month.

Due to the many complications of the pandemic, including pressure on warehouses and households being more careful with cash, Amazon Prime Day 2020 looked set to be delayed indefinitely and potentially even canceled.

However, current rumors suggest that the event will be taking place at a delayed time on a yet-to-be-confirmed date in October, meaning buyers should be able to access Amazon Prime Day deals in the not too distant future.

Amazon has reportedly emailed third-party sellers to prepare them for a placeholder date in October, saying that the official date will be confirmed closer to the time.

While Amazon is yet to announce the exact date, this is currently looking like the most likely month for the event to take place. Speculation around the exact day in October is ongoing. At the moment, rumors point towards Prime Day potentially taking place on 13 October.

Since the exact day is still unsure, we suggest taking this time to prepare your listings for upcoming sales and get the most out of it.

Here is your checklist to get ready:

  1. Deals. If you are submitting deals to Amazon; Did you analyze and chose the best selection? Try to submit it at least a week earlier before the deadline for submission is over.
  2. Catalog. Do you have all the relevant products in your catalog? Does Amazon have sufficient stock?
  3. Content. Is your content in top quality? Conversion goes through the roof on Prime Day so
    • Make sure your content is in excellent shape, not only for the selected products in the deals but also for the rest of your catalog.
    • Consider improving or adding A+, A+ Premium pages.
    • If you use Sponsored Brands consider renewing your Brand Stores or adding a special landing page for Prime Day.  
  4. AMS. High visibility before and during Prime Day will ensure the highest sales. Focus on improving your Sales Rank and Setting up optimized AMS campaigns. Aim to obtain an Amazon Choice badge or a Bestseller badge to ensure your brand is on the minds of potential clients.
  5. SEO. Are SEO keywords well covered in your listings (bullets, description, titles, back-end keywords)? Do you have variation errors? Duplicates? Optimize your catalog for prime customer experience and top organic search results.
  6. Images/Videos. Ensure you have the best images uploaded (product and lifestyle). Should you create new images? Hero images?
  7. Reviews. Run VINE on products that have few or low reviews. Respond to negative reviews and tackle any problems in advance to avoid negative feedback.

Find out how we can help

Boto is happy to support you in this Prime day countdown with all areas listed above or any additional help you might require. We offer a wide range of customizable services, contact us and we will provide a free analysis to see where you need to improve to be fully prepared for Prime Day in order to maximize your sales. 

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