Optimization of Product Listings

Amazon listing optimization is crucial to ensure a proper organic ranking. We know how to take care of your product page improvement so that your product is ranking high in the Amazon search. Packing keywords and features into the title as well as bullet points and descriptions is essential for content optimization on Amazon. At Boto, we have experience in SEO analysis as well as AMS and we will propose the most relevant keywords for your products.


Clean-up of Erroneous Content

We know the struggle of managing the catalog on Amazon. We help to solve all kinds of Amazon content issues, such as product duplicates, erroneous third-party content, wrong variations, and so on. When the assortment isn’t represented accurately it instills a lack of confidence. We will fix errors of your Amazon assortment so that you appear more trustworthy for your customers.


Setting Up New Products

Setting up a new product on Amazon is the process of creating a solution that helps your product sell organically throughout Amazon, directly aligning with organic keyword rankings. Launching a new product on Amazon includes a variety of different tasks. From preparing the Amazon template and uploading the products to optimizing product content as well as improving visibility and consideration. If you are planning to add new products to Amazon, we are here to help.


Communication With the Account Manager

WAn Amazon account manager handles your e-Store account. He manages your listing, processes orders, tracks details maintenance, etc. Collaborating with an account manager without having a broad knowledge about Amazon management can cause confusion. We have experience in handling complex Amazon related tasks which helps to achieve effective communication.


First Steps on Setting Up Your Account

Setting up an Amazon account for the first time might take a while since it requires certain Amazon knowledge. At Boto, we are the experts of the Vendor Central setup. We have the expertise and we know what to how to manage Amazon accounts. We will save your time in starting your business and prepare you to manage it effectively.


Set Up and Tracking of Amazon Cases

Product descriptions, bullet points, images or A+ Enhanced Marketing Content are often rejected due to violating Amazon policy. There are certain requirements that have to be met in order to make changes on the platform. At Boto, we know how to communicate with the Amazon support center and efficiently handle Amazon cases. We will do all the case management for you and we will make sure the required changes are made on time.

Other Services

Marketing and Sales

We adapt the campaigns to your needs so you can get the most out of the investment.

Amazon Strategy

We can help to define your strategy and prepare for negotiations with Amazon.

Content Creation

A+/A+ premium, Brand Stores and textual content – we create effective content.



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