Terms and Conditions Analysis and Renegotiation

We understand how Amazon works and what is valuable for its business. We can give advice and help you to prepare for the Amazon offer negotiations so that you can reach profitable agreements on terms and conditions with Amazon.


Marketing Planning to Reach Needed Stock/sales Levels

We can create a customized Amazon marketing strategy with milestones and an action plan for you. As an Amazon marketing agency with a broad Amazon expertise, we create Amazon marketing plans considering all the promotional actions available, from deals of the day to AMS and other advertising strategies. We can help you to set the strategy to reach your goals on Amazon.


Evaluation and Redefinition of Amazon Strategy

We evaluate the brand’s performance on Amazon and give advice to define the most effective strategies across countries. Likewise, we keep track of the performance with the reports in order to make modifications to optimize the Amazon strategy.


Set-Up of Standard Reporting

We will provide you with Amazon Business Reports which contain valuable data and strongly influence the advertising strategy. Traffic, Buy Box percentage and Conversion.


Pricing Strategy

Amazon is a very price-sensitive marketplace, so using the right pricing strategies can dramatically increase your ranking and sales. We can help you to make gradual changes that deliver measurable results. Different Amazon pricing strategies may be useful for different niches or items. We have experience with different categories and products which helps us to find the optimal one for you.


Competitor Analysis

It’s essential to conduct an Amazon competitor analysis, which provides your business with an in-depth assessment of your competition. We can help you to compile a list of your opponents’ products, branding insights, reviews, Amazon store content, targeted keywords, prices, estimated monthly sales, ad campaigns and more.


Set Review Strategy

Customer reviews are one of the main features that determine customer purchases, and yet it is hard for brands to control. At Boto, we can help you define an Amazon reviews strategy to get more reviews and improve your product ratings. This will improve conversion and your product ranking on search results.


Tailored Topics

We are a company with 10+ years of international experience with brands on Amazon. We don’t act like a typical consulting agency but as a partner. Our work not only involves the previous services defined, but we can also plan and implement projects adapted to your particular needs, for Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

Other Services

Account Management

Boto handles all kinds of issues related to account management.

Marketing and Sales

We adapt the campaigns to your needs so you can get the most out of the investment

Content Creation

A+/A+ premium, Brand Stores and textual content – we create effective content.



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