Advertising Campaigns Management

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) are an effective activation to increase the visibility of your products on Amazon and expand your sales with a minimum investment. Boto creates AMS campaigns adapted to the brands’ needs and manages them to achieve your goals. We provide keyword research and advice for bids and budget so you can be sure your campaigns are optimized.


Continuous Optimization of Promotions

AMS campaigns need to be constantly updated given the competition on Amazon. Boto does an ongoing analysis of campaigns and modifications of the bids and keywords. We evaluate performance and provide weekly/monthly/quarterly sales and traffic reports that include improvement opportunities. All the reports are fully customized to the brand needs.


Data Analysis

At Boto, every action we take is analyzed with data to extract conclusions and improve. We provide you with fully customized Amazon Business Reports adapted to your priorities and needs. We’ll give you insights about your Traffic, Sales, Advertising campaigns and more. Understanding your performance results helps to take the correct actions to increase your sales and excel on Amazon.


Implementation of Activations

At Boto, we plan and implement the activations to reach your sales goals on Amazon. We help you to set the strategy, and manage the Amazon promotions such as deals, lightning deals, coupons and so on. With the later analysis of results, we spot the improvement opportunities to optimize the activations. Effective promotions can boost your sales and improve the ranking of your products on Amazon.

Other Services

Account Management

Boto handles all kinds of issues related to account management.

Amazon Strategy

We can help to define your strategy and prepare for negotiations with Amazon.

Content Creation

A+/A+ premium, Brand Stores and textual content – we create effective content.



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