Amazon Basics

Having multiple years of experience working with Amazon we found that the best way to achieve significant results while collaborating with our clients is to share our knowledge with them. We provide the Amazon Basics training to every vendor and seller we work long term with. We cover the absolute basics so that our clients are able to read and understand the Amazon data and can make informed decisions in order to scale their businesses.

Length: 1 day. 

AMS Basics

In this training, you will understand how Amazon Advertising Console works from creating successful PPC campaigns to optimizing your ads. We cover both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns. If you want to maximize the results of your Amazon advertising campaigns this is your training.

Length: 1 day. 

SEO, Sales Rank & Content optimization

Ranking high on Amazon search is the key to your business success on Amazon. In this training, we will lay down how the latest Amazon algorithm works so that you can optimize your listings and appear on the first page of the search which will lead to better conversions and higher sales. We will also cover the Best Seller Rank and explain how to use this metric to gain valuable insight into your product sales.

Length: 1 day.

Amazon Key Account Manager – CRASH COURSE

In this training, we present the Amazon systems and functionality to our clients or new businesses. During this course, we focus on the day to day operations and Vendor Central or/and Seller Central management. We will go to your account and guide you through all the most important sections of Vendor/Seller Central so that at the end of the course you will be able to easily find needed information and make changes on your own if needed. We will also lay down the basics of interacting with other departments e.g. logistics, accounting, and others so that you will have a better understanding of Amazon platforms and you will have a bigger picture of how it can be managed.

Length: 1 day. 

Amazon Key Account Manager – FULL COURSE

The full course contains everything mentioned in the ‘Amazon key account manager – CRASH COURSE’ and it also includes extra practical training for 1 week. During this time you will work closely with the whole team of Boto. We will guide the trainees through the key tasks, we will present internal processes, problem-solving and any additional tips and tricks we gather in multiple years of experience with Amazon.

Length: 1 week.

Amazon Negotiations

Negotiations are the primary step in setting the tone for your business profitability while selling on Amazon. We created this training because we saw a great opportunity for improvement in our clients’ business relationship with Amazon, especially while negotiating conditions. In this course, we will help you understand Amazon’s logic and strategies of negotiation. We will provide you with customized suggestions for your further negotiations and a list of negotiable terms and conditions. This course includes practical training role-plays and case studies. It can also include a review of previous yearly negotiations and tips to improve.

Length: 1-2 days.

DSP Basics

While creating this training we gathered all we know about DSP campaigns in one place. You will learn all the basics – navigating the platform, setting up campaigns, and using different strategies to maximize the results you get. We will also get into the detail of the different audiences you can target and how to create a customized strategy that suits your business. At the end of the training, you will be ready to manage your DSP campaigns so that it helps to achieve the goals you set for your business.

Length: 1 day. Price: €3k.



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